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Knowledge Base » [896195] Setting the Jitter Buffer to correct choppy audio in GP4


Operating System
Windows 2000, Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard), Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger)
Product or Service
GatherPlace, StudyPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software
If you are experiencing choppy or distorted audio, the instructions below for setting the Jitter Buffer may correct the problem.

  1. Click the selection triangle on the Disconnect button if you are still connected to a conference and select the Disconnect Myself option from the menu.

    GP4 Disconnect Myself

  2. Open the Preferences dialog by selecting Preferences under the Tools menu in GP4 (Mac users select Preferences from the gp4 menu).


  3. Select the Audio Setup tab in the Preferences dialog.


  4. With the Preferences dialog still open, click the Audio Tuning Wizard button on the GP4 interface.

  5. Click the Start test button on the Audio Wizard dialog to start the test.

  6. You will now initiate the audio test that will play recorded prompts to find out if you can hear the audio and speak so you can listen to your voice quality.
    Once you hear the recording playing back at the first test, click the Yes button to start the second (most important) test to adjust the audio buffer.

  7. During the second test ("Congratulations..."), click on the slider control to the right of the Audio Output label on the Preferences dialog.
    Note: This test will continue to play over and over until you click the Yes button so you'll have time to adjust the audio buffer.


  8. Using the right arrow key on the keyboard, adjust the Audio Output up one step at a time until the voice playback sounds good.
    Wait at least two seconds between each increase of the Audio Output level for the change to take effect.

    Note:Only increase the setting to the point where the sound is no longer choppy.
     Increasing more than is needed may cause unwanted audio delay. The left arrow key can be used to decrease the setting.

  9. Click theOK button on the Audio Setup dialog to save the changes in the Audio buffer setting.

  10. Click the Cancel Test button on the Audio Tuning Wizard dialog to disconnect from the audio test call.
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