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Web Master Details for GatherPlace Web Site Integration

This page is intended for web designers only.

Add a Simple Web Form to your web site so that customers can go there to join a session

  1. Simply add the following example form to your web site and send your Guests there to join a session
  2. You can use your own branding and send customers there to join a session (see a sample)

Integration of Permanent or Planned Sessions

  1. Under "Plan a Session" create a permanent session and use this access code for your permanent meeting room
  2. All links should start with (replace XXXX with your own access code generated in step 1; for our examples we will use access code 7620671)
  3. This table shows the different integration options. Simply append the parameters to the URL specified in step 2.

      Description   Parameters  
      Use French Language   &lang=fr  
      Set name and email   &name=Santa&  
      Receive Remote Support and ask name and email   &support  
      Receive Remote Support; no questions asked   &support&guest  
      Join a guest with the Java viewer; no questions asked   &guest  
      Join the guest as a co-presenter; no questions asked   &guest&cp  
      Join a session as the host (Limited to one host per session*)   &host  
      Join a session as the host using Java (Requires Java 1.3 or better)   &host&usejava=true  
      Join a session as the guest using GatherPlace SureView WebViewer (HTML only)   &guest&usehtml=true  
      Join a session as the guest using Java; view-only (Requires Java 1.1 or better)   &cp=false  
    * Co-presenter guests can also present when allowed by the host. There should only be one host of a session.
  4. Optionally you can add &name=YYYY to specify the name to be used in the participant list
  5. Optionally you can add &samewindow=true for guests to prevent opening another window for viewing your session
  6. Optionally you can add &skin=XYZ if we designed a custom experience for you.
  7. Optionally you can add &scale=true to enable default scaling for a guest
  8. Optionally you can add &listener=true to get a real-time participant list from another PC (no seat used)

Use your own DNS name instead of

  1. Using your own DNS provider, create a CNAME entry to point to
  2. In this example is pointing to and allows this link to function

Maximizing the browser for a better experience
In order to open the browser without the browser buttons at the top, you must follow these steps

  1. Add this to the header section of you browser
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script>
  2. Add the Join Session link into your web page with this html: <a href="#" onClick="join(7620671,'&guest')">Join Session</a>
  3. Change the join function parameters to the correct Access Code and change the '&guest' to suit your needs as described above.

    NOTE: The above assumes that Javascript is enabled in the browser. Use this for guests that have JavaScript disabled (remember to change the Access Code).

Customize the branding for the guest session (Example Screen Shot)

  1. Copy and paste the example provided below and modify to your needs.
  2. The only requirement is that the browser title visible says "Powered by GatherWorks" in your own language.

Other Interesting Links

  1. Install the native client from
  2. Graphic library for use with GatherPlace.NET service only; you can make any image clickable with the following html
    <a href=""><image src="image.gif" border="0"></a>