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Knowledge Base » [313652] Can I add a guest link to my website?


Product or Service
GatherPlace, TutorPlace
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GP4, GP5
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Host, Administrator
Absolutely! Adding a guest link to your website is simple and easy to do.

There are several options to consider for adding a guest link to your website:
  • You can create a permanent link that allows the Guest to connect to your meeting by simply clicking a link or a button.
  • You can add a form that will request the Guest to enter their name, email address, and the access code.
  • You can even create a remote support link that joins the guest to your meeting in support mode so you can take control of their computer (with their approval) to provide them with help or remote assistance. And you don't even have to be on the same operating system as your guests!

All of the options are described in detail, with simple step by step instructions in our website Integration Guide and our HTML Reference Guide.
Please note that some knowledge of HTML is required.
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