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GatherPlace Translations

Translating GP5 Into Different Languages

Available Now NOTE: Want to update this translation? Right-click and Save As...

Current Translations in Progress
  • Spanish
  • Let us know if you do not see your language listed so we can add it.

Help Us Translate GP5 and Receive 20% Commission from Referred Sales Every Month

Please follow the steps below:
  1. Download and extract the translation package onto your computer.
    NOTE: By downloading this package you agree that GatherWorks, Inc. owns all modifications to the lang.ts file or any copies thereof.
  2. Run the linguist.exe translation tool.
  3. Open lang.ts with linguist.exe.
  4. Follow these instructions to translate the wording.
    • Please insert a space for each · (middle-dot) that you see.
    • Do not change any place markers, such as %1, %2, %3, etc.
    • Remember to keep the formatting, such as <b>...</b> and <br>.
  5. Save the lang.ts in the same directory as finalize.bat.
  6. Run finalize.bat to prepare the translation for previewing in GP5.
  7. Copy lang_new.qm to "C:\Program Files\GatherWorks\OmniView4\"
  8. Start GP5 and go to the File menu.
  9. Go to Select Language and choose New Translation to preview your translation.
  10. Make sure your translated text does not overflow buttons and fields.


  11. Please email us with an updated version of your lang.ts file and let us know what language it is and we will add support to GP5.